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LINCO Photo Studio Lighting 600W 4 Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit for Video Photography AM126

LINCO Photo Studio Lighting 600W 4 Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit for Video Photography AM126

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Product Description

AM126 Studio Light Kit is Sold by LINCOInc. The feature of AM126 is lightweight and easy to carry. Timing for using AM126 is as following:

When photo shooting or filming indoor, there would be some existing of light source, but however, due to lack of directional lighting here’s where AM126 kit comes in handy to help with direct light. AM126 can provide 3 point lighting effects, by using the high/low contrast setting can increase the three dimensional effect of your shooting subject.
For Portraiture photography, AM126 can provide partial exposure light effect, this effect also can be adjusted based on shooting subject (person) and the light kit distance. Shorter distance will provide smaller lighting area but brighter luminance. Inversely longer distance can provide larger lighting area but dimmer luminance.
For small subject or tabletop photography, AM126 can provide full lighting exposure.
LINCOInc using professional photographic light bulbs with color temperature of 5500k. Providing natural lighting exposure so that photo and film works would not be yellowish or blue tint effect.
LINCOInc proudly introduced the 2016 Mini Cirrus Light Head. Versatility small size and light weight for easy carrying, has smooth handheld head for easy handling and ergonomic furthermore it improves product charisma.

(1) All-in-one Carrying Bag for Lighting kit and Bulbs
(3) New Design Light Head with Beautiful Look and smooth Handheld place
(3) 40W 5500K Photography Light Bulbs (200W incandescent equivalent)
(2) 33" Photo white umbrella
(2) 33" Photo Silver umbrella
(3) Stable Lightweight Light Stand: 2 * 6.7 ft high and 1 * 2.5 ft high

Compact Package, Stable and High Quality Product, Lightweight, Easy to Carry

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