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Flora™ & Flora™ Wireless

Amazingly Designed. Undeniably Durable.

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The hexagonal frame of the Flora™ has been designed to look futuristic and aesthetically beautiful. This design not only looks amazing though, it also has many distinct advantages that our competitors lack. Exclusively designed just for the Flora™, the Flora™ Easy Softbox allows for a no-assembly and ultra-fast softbox preparation. An umbrella hole, designed at the very center, allows seamless support for the biggest umbrella light modifiers.
The hexagonal structural architecture acts as a protective exoskeleton which can withstand substantial impact from all directions. To accurately test this, we've dropped the Flora™ from the fifth floor multiple times onto solid concrete and the result?* Zero cracks, completely intact, no signs of breakage. Just a few scratches and still working perfectly. The Flora™ hexagonal frame is constructed from the highest quality fire-proof nylon and has an all-metal back plate, handle and tilter. The structural design, high quality materials and expert engineering is what make the Flora™ so undeniably durable and able to last for years to come.

Quality Softboxes Made Easy

Flora™ Image 02
With the Flora™ Easy Softbox, there’s no more hassle dealing with a lengthy softbox assembly/disassembly. With an all-original patented design, the Flora™ Easy Softbox replaces the long and confusing softbox assembly with a quick and simple process. Just pull, pop, attach and start shooting! It’s really that easy. Made of tear-resistant high quality fabrics and a reinforced double-spine steel rod system, nothing is sacrificed in exchange for speed. In fact, tug-pull, drop and numerous other quality tests prove the Flora™ Easy Softbox to be more durable and higher performing than some of the most expensive softboxes available.

Packed with Features

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With the Flora™, we’ve completely transformed the traditional six-bulb light bank design into a modern, sleek and highly functional piece of art. Packed with many features at only a fraction of the price when compared to the leading competitor, we believe the Flora™ is by far one of the best-valued and best-looking six-bulb light bank that performs quite amazingly. See the full Flora feature list here.

Incredibly Powerful

Flora™ Image 04
The Flora™ is capable of supporting up to six 125-watt Linco fluorescent bulbs. That's an unprecedented 3000-watts of equivalent power per Flora™! 110V 5500K daylight color temperature 40-watt or 85-watt bulbs comes as a standard for most Flora™ light kits. Please contact us for further kit customization if you prefer different color temperature, different wattage or 220V bulbs.

Remote-Controlled Power. In Black.

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The ability to conveniently adjust light output with a wireless remote dramatically improves the dynamics, speed and level of fun of a photoshoot. Instead of lowering and raising the stand to change the power every time to get that perfect shot, use the included wireless remote to change power levels from afar and enjoy! The Flora™ Wireless includes all Flora™ features with the added wireless remote-controllable function and comes in a beautiful jet black with red socket protectors.

Travel-Ready Carrying Case

Flora™ Image 06
Sporting one-inch foam padding all-around and a removable 3-section divider, the Flora™ Carrying Bag protects your equipment from the bumps and scratches that come when your on the road. Made with high quality water-resistant material, there's no need to worry about accidental spills or rain damaging your equipment. Safely transport your Flora™ Light Bank(s) in style and comfort with the Flora™ Carrying Case.