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Flora X™

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Fastest Softbox Installation. Ever.

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Typical softbox installation can be a time-consuming, painstaking process involving dealing with multiple individual rods and fidgeting with loose reflective fabric. With that said, many competitors still claim their softboxes to be "easy" and those that may seem simple fail miserably in the quality department. Thanks to the cleverly designed softbox-to-light integration, the Flora X™ Easy Softbox is the only softbox on the market that's actually "easy" and also made with high quality materials. With a patented revolutionary “X”-shaped softbox design, softbox installation can be completed in just a few seconds with one smooth, continuous movement - push down, rotate clockwise and done!
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Here's how it works. It's very simple. Here's the entire process thoroughly explained for all the naysayers. The intersecting "X" spring steel softbox rods on the Flora X™ Easy Softbox correspond with the "X"-shaped softbox tray on the Flora X™ (as shown). The spring steel softbox rods, which are currently in an intersecting parabolic U-shape, are straightened slightly with a little pressure from a downward push. Then, simply rotate clockwise and release pressure. The spring steel softbox rods "spring" back to into its original parabolic shape and hooks beneath each corner of the "X"-shaped softbox tray lock the Flora X™ and Flora X™ Easy Softbox securely into place. All of this takes place in just a few seconds! If we lost you or this all sounds a bit complicated, no need to worry, we'll be uploading videos soon. After your first actual setup, you'll realize how surprisingly simple it is and the process keeps getting smoother and faster. Removal is just as fast and easy!

Excellent Accessibility. Perfect Even Lighting

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The Flora X™ is designed with an extra large handle primarily to provide ease of adjustment but it also doubles as an increased support for larger umbrella light modifiers. This two-point umbrella hole design opens up the option to utilize some of the heaviest umbrella light modifiers despite the small and compact Flora X™ frame. The umbrella hole location also has another advantage. With the umbrella hole placed dead center in-between all four bulbs, you'll get perfect optimal even lighting every single time which means - less adjusting, less second guessing and a lot more fun during your photoshoot.

Amazing Reviews. Amazing Value.

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The Flora X™ (AM077 Kit) is one of the most popular and best-reviewed studio lighting kits on Amazon.com. Here's what a few of many Flora X™ (AM077 Kit) owners had to say:

"The lights that come with it are cleverly designed - the softboxes install pretty easily and store flat in the included bags. you don't need to "assemble" them, they just pop open and snap into place on the light fixtures... Overall the softboxes seem to be of extremely high quality, with the material feeling thick and substantial when gripped. I find the lack of need to "assemble" softboxes to be a huge plus" - Jack


"Used it for a product shoot right out of the box. Perfect color, perfectly even lighting. A week later, I shot a web video (interview style). Perfect." - KC


"I love this set!!!! It is beyond what I could ever ask for. This set was my upgrade from an umbrella set and I am so in love with my soft boxes. The light is great and the boom light helps my light up my trouble areas that I was having from my umbrellas. The order was taken and processed quickly and I received my package a few days sooner than expected. DOUBLE BONUS! :)... I LOVE MY LINCO SET!!!!! :)" - Tisha

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It just keeps getting better and better.

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We constantly get requests and suggestions from owners and prospective buyers. Well, after looking into every single review, email and call conversation, we definitely hear you. We've recently decided to add the 2-step power adjustable (off / half / full) feature to the Flora X™ under ITEM# "5141". Because these new power adjustable units are still rolling out, they may not be available for immediate purchase on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten or through any other dealer website. Most kits found online include the original Flora X™ model (ITEM# "5140"). So if you wish to have this feature on your Flora X™, please be sure to contact us directly and ask for ITEM# "5141" to be added to your studio light kit. Existing “5140” owners are eligible for an one (1) time upgrade discount on a new purchase.