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Strong Design. Superb Support.

55 Degree Image

The typical standard single light holder design is a recipe for disaster. When attached with a bulb and light modifier and only a friction-based locking mechanism made of cheap plastic holding it in place, it’s only a matter of time before the standard single light holder becomes a safety and fire hazard for both your client and you. The standard single light holder was never designed to support heavier attachments. However, often times they are still advertised to support the heaviest of attachments. Over time, the friction-based locking mechanism will begin to give in and the entire light head, bulb and light modifier will come crashing down. To solve this problem, the Cirrus™ is designed in a patented “7”-shaped 55° arc. This design shifts center of gravity offsetting heavy weight drastically improving stability and balance. Unlike the standard single light holder, the Cirrus™ can actually support the heaviest light modifiers and biggest bulbs with no signs of distress or problems over time.

Incredible Adjustments

Large Handle ImageWe designed the Cirrus™ with a 55° arc not only to improve stability and balance, but also to enhance day-to-day user experience. The Cirrus™ design provides yet another function – it gives the user a large handle for the most simple, precise and comfortable adjustments. So during your photoshoot, you won’t ever need to worry about how much wrist strength or finger strength to make an adjustment. No more awkward grasping and constant re-adjusting to get the perfect angle. With improved stability and a large handle, every adjustment you make with the Cirrus™ will be exactly where you want it.

We use only the best material.

Ceramic Socket ImageTo maximize safety, the Cirrus™ uses a fire-proof 100% ceramic socket. A rubber protector and safety cap tightly cover the socket to protect the ceramic socket from frontal damage. To protect the ceramic socket from all other directions, a shock-resistant shell encloses the ceramic socket and is made of the strongest polyamide nylon specially engineered to be extremely durable, highly resilient and have excellent abrasion resistance. The same polyamide nylon is also used in various car engine parts and electrical equipment for its special properties. Each and every component must pass various inspections and tests before they are used to make the Cirrus™.

Linco undergoes an intensive procedure to ensure that only the best materials are used to produce the highest quality products. A tedious but absolutely necessary process, we inspect each and every component from the bulbs, sockets and knobs to the screws, switches and wires. First, each component is inspected one-by-one by hand by several quality inspectors to ensure each piece has no functional or aesthetic defect. Then, quality specialists use specialized tools and machines to perform tests such as each piece’s ability to withstand pressure, friction and changes in temperature and humidity (tests vary depending on material type and function). Finally, only pieces that exceed our strict standards in every single category can advance toward assembly. The Flora™, Flora X™, mini-Cirrus™, Sentinel™, Zenith™, Easy Softbox, umbrellas as well as ALL other Linco-branded products go through this baseline standard inspection and testing process.

Small and Powerful

 mini-cirrus image

The new mini-Cirrus™ incorporates an ergonomically-friendly design and incredible performance in a lightweight compact body. The mini-Cirrus™ is similar to the Cirrus™ in its overall design aimed to provide enhanced user-experience. Using a V-shaped arc design, the mini-Cirrus™ allows simple operation and adjustments - users can grasp the mini-Cirrus™ comfortably and easily adjust angles to their liking. Despite its small compact size, one single mini-Cirrus™ can support up to 500-watts of equivalent power (equipped with Linco’s 125W CFL).

The mini-Cirrus™ was designed to address the problems generic small-sized light holders have today. Using a 30-year outdated design, the same generic light holder is sold under different names by many different studio lighting businesses. We decided to finally improve the outdated design, making it more user-friendly, durable, high-performance and also gave it a much-needed modern makeover. At the same low price, the mini-Cirrus™ is a certainly a no-brainer.

Maximize Light Control

Morning Glory ImageThe Morning Glory Softbox is the first-ever softbox capable of changing the direction, radius and intensity of light by transforming into an adjustable snoot. The ability to switch from reflector to softbox to snoot is at your fingertips, literally. By simply pulling the drawstring, the Morning Glory Softbox becomes an adjustable snoot giving you a wide array of lighting options. Whether you want to brighten certain spots, remove light from unwanted areas or soften light with the diffuser, all that's needed is a pull of the drawstring. Experience the freedom of controlling light for all your lighting applications. Like the Flora™ and Flora X™ Easy Softboxes, the Morning Glory Softbox also has a no assembly design and is ready to use straight out of the box.

The Morning Glory Softbox was exclusively made for the Cirrus™ but is now also fully compatible with the mini-Cirrus™. The Morning Glory Softbox measures 24” fully opened. A new “mini” Morning Glory Softbox version of 13” is also available. Browse Cirrus™ + Morning Glory Softbox kits here. If you cannot find the kit or sizes you’re looking for, please contact us so we can assist in customizing the perfect studio light kit for you.