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LINCO Lincostore AM242

LINCO Lincostore AM242

$ 46.99

What is included?
2 x Linco#8896 Zenith 70 inches High Light Stand: 4 Sections
2 x Linco#15W Spherical LED Bulb (200W incandescent equivalent)
2 x Linco#15" Morning Glory 15" Morning Glory Softbox and diffuser
2 x Linco#5310 Mini-cirrus New Design Light Head
ID: Linco#8896 Zenith 70 inches High Light Stand: 4 Sections Qty: 2
70 inches High Stable Lightweight Light Stand is a simple storage and transport, the stand collapses easily and is very lightweight to carry. These light weight and portable light stands arrive with a 1/4" standard screw tip on the top, perpendicular mounting stud head. Turning knobs are reinforced and durable. Light stand legs are built to last and specially designed to keep your load balanced. This light stand is light-weight and balanced, and able to hold most of lighting equipment making it a perfect compact light stand.
*Minimum height:24in.
*Maximum height:70in.
*Die cast steel for quality built.
*Light weight, easy to transport.
*Max load:10lbs.
*Zinc stud head.
ID: Linco#15W Spherical LED Bulb (200W incandescent equivalent) Qty: 2
That premium photography studio spherical LED light bulb lights deliver true and crisp colors with an accurate CRI. And day-light light bulb are daylight (white) balanced at 6400K, which allows the to be combined easily with ambient, window light for supplmental lighting.
*Standard screw-in base.
*6400K Color Temperature.
*15 Watts (almost equivalent to 200 watts incandescent light bulb).
*Designed for usage at 110V, 60 Hz.
*Silent and flickerless operation.
ID: Linco#15" Morning Glory Softbox and diffuser Qty: 2
The Morning Glory Softbox is the first-ever softbox capable of changing the radius, intensity & direction of light by transforming into an adjustable snoot. By pulling the drawstring, experience the freedom of controlling light for all your lighting applications. Switch from reflector to softbox to snoot at ease.
*To be a Reflector (Zoomable).
*To be a Softbox when coverd by a diffuser.
*To be a Bulb protective and storage system when tighting the String (no need to be disassembled).
*High reflective Material.
*Can assemble with other accessories, such as translucent or silver umbrellas.
ID: Linco#5310 Mini-cirrus New Design Light Head Qty: 2
The new design light head was designed to address the problems generic small-sized light holders have today. Using a 30-year outdated design, the same light holder is sold under different names by many studio lighting businesses. We decided to finally improve the outdated design, making it more user-friendly, durable, high-performance and also gave it a much-needed modern makeover. At the same low price, the mini-Cirrus is certainly a no-brainer.
*Compact Design
- weight of conventional light heads, ultra lightweight at only 4.2 ounces.
- Perfect for on-location & studio use.
*Superb Ergonomics
- Unique patented design, “V”-shaped handle for easy adjustment and increased grip.
*Durable Build
- Premium polyamide construction, durable double-layered socket.
- One-piece unibody manufacturing, cross-section reinforced backing.

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