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4500W Linco Studio Photo Soft Box Video Lighting Light Boom Stand Kit LK102

4500W Linco Studio Photo Soft Box Video Lighting Light Boom Stand Kit LK102

$ 475.00

What is included?
3 x Linco#PE9030 Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Bank
3 x Linco#PE3480 Linco Flora 35'' Hexogen Easy Softbox
18 x Linco#PP170050-1 40W Premium Photography Studio Day-Light Light Bulb
2 x Linco#84081 84081 8' Senior Compact Stand
1 x Linco#4091k Studio Boom stand
1 x Linco#3178-5 New Stand Carry Bag for 8310, 8410, 8510
1 x Linco#PE9030KB Carrying Bag for Flora Light Bank
ID: Linco#PE9030 Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Bank Qty: 3
Flora?, a light bank with a revolutionary design, delivers powerful illumination. The light bank is suitable for still photography or filmmaking. Comparing to other high wattage light banks, Flora? light bank has several distinguished advantages, including smaller in size, improved rigidity, easy installation, and convenient in moving from place to place. Comparing to other light banks with similar size, the Flora? light bank can install high-wattage fluorescent bulbs.
The body of Flora? light bank is made out of flame-retardant Nylon. High quality nylon is used to extend the lifespan of the product, and to reduce surface cracks through aging and normal wear and tear. The fire resistant nylon has passed several tests that fire will die out within three seconds after the source of fire is removed.
The advantage of off-center tilting design firmly supports the light bank, and allows the light bank to be compact in size comparing to other light banks in its class. The conventional tilting mechanism is relative simple, but has a tendency of surface cracking after a long period of use since the mechanism cannot withstand the combined weights of the light bank and its bulbs. The newly designed off-center titling uses iron parts as its main source of material, which does not only maintain the merits of the old design, but also improves the titling rigidity.
The installation of Flora? light bank and its softbox is extremely simple. Smart design allows users to pop up the softbox with ease and completes the whole assembly for less than 30 seconds.
Constructed with the re-designed hexagon structure, the light bank tends be more resistant to impact. Flora? light bank is capable of withstanding much greater impact that the bank shows no signs of cracks or failure even when it is dropped from the top of a three-story building.
Flora? light bank is designed for ergonomics that is designed with a large soft grip for easy and convenient handling. A larger handle allows users to better adjust and tilt the light bank. With the foaming wrapping around the handle, the design helps the user to grab the handle easily.
ID: Linco#PE3480 Linco Flora 35'' Hexogen Easy Softbox Qty: 3
No more nuts and bolts necessary when assembling the softbox. Putting together a softbox sometimes can be a daunting task and can frustrate some people. With the redesigned easy softboxes for Flora? light bank, users are not required reading any manual before operating the unit. This foolproof mechanism is so intuitive that users can ready the softbox as if they open an umbrella. High quality reflective materials used inside the backcover offer maximum reflection to the subject. The new (35” diagonal) softbox is also lightweight and small in size.
ID: Linco#PP170050-1 40W Premium Photography Studio Day-Light Light Bulb Qty: 18
*Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
*Regular Srew Bace E26
*6400K Color Temperature
*40 Watts (almost equivalent to 200 watts incandescent light bulb)
ID: Linco#84081 84081 8' Senior Compact Stand Qty: 2
This is a new professional quality 8FT light stand. These heavy duty light stands can hold lighting equipment up to 19.8lbs(9kg). Compact and light weight, weighing 4.4lbs(2kg) each, these 8FT stand will give you years of service. Made of Cold-Worked Carbon with special design locking system and double braced legs with an extra wide footprint for added stability. This stand sets up in seconds, going from 2'9"(83.7cm) when fully folded to 8FT when completely extended. Can be used use with any type of lighting, indoors or out.
Kit Contains:
One Light Stands(Linco#8308New)
Extended up to 8'
Extra wide footprint for load up to 19.8lbs(9kg)
Smooth and easy raising and lowering
4 sections, 3 risers, moves quickly and smoothly
Closes down to 2'9"(83.7cm)
4.4lbs(2kg) each

3 Year Warranty.
30 Days No Restocking Fee.
Lowest Price Guarantee.
Product Liability Insurance.
Outstanding Service.

ID: Linco#4091k Studio Boom stand Qty: 1
Professional Series Light Stands are built to uncompromising standards. It’s excellent for studio and on-location shoots where sheer strength must be combined with portability and fast installation.Steel construction means our stands are strong and long-lasting.
ID: Linco#3178-5 New Stand Carry Bag for 8310, 8410, 8510 Qty: 1
Stand Carring Case is made for light Stand only.
ID: Linco#PE9030KB Carrying Bag for Flora Light Bank Qty: 1
A lighting kit is not complete without a carrying bag. A well-designed bag does not only help carrying the lighting kit from place to place, it also protects the lighting kit stored within. The carrying bags used for storing light banks and accessories have several substantial improvements. Inside the carrying bag, several 0.75” foam padding,are inserted around the inner layer of the bag, functioning as a cushion for absorbing impact from any directions. The bag is also water-resistant and has three adjustable compartments to meet the user’s needs. Dual zippers allow the bag to be closed with ease.

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