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10.7 x 12.5 ft Photography Background Backdrop Stand Steel Support Studio Kit

10.7 x 12.5 ft Photography Background Backdrop Stand Steel Support Studio Kit

$ 224.97

The professional background support system is the lightest, portable, and easy set up professional photo shooting equipment. It is made of steel tube constructed for extra heavy duty use; black enamel finish with rubber tips on the legs to prevent movement. Its light-weight metal is a portable design for both studio, outdoor and all occasions, the background support system is easy to install and uninstall for professional photographer's convenience.
What is included?
2 x Linco#8310 8310 Senior Compact Stand
1 x Britek#4214A Cross Bar For Background Support 4214A
1 x Linco#3178-3 Carrying Bag for Linco#8310
ID: Linco#8310 8310 Senior Compact Stand Qty: 2
This is a new professional quality 10FT light stand. These heavy duty light stands can hold lighting equipment up to 15.4lbs(7kg). Compact and light weight, weighing 5.5lbs(2.5kg) each, these 10FT stand will give you years of service. Made of Cold-Worked Carbon with special design locking system and double braced legs with an extra wide footprint for added stability. This stand sets up in seconds, going from 3'3"(99cm) when fully folded to 10FT when completely extended. Can be used use with any type of lighting, indoors or out.
Kit Contains:
One Light Stands(Linco#8310)
Extended up to 10'
Extra wide footprint for load up to 15.4lbs(7kg)
Smooth and easy raising and lowering
4 sections, 3 risers, moves quickly and smoothly
Closes down to 3'3"(99cm)
5.5lbs(2.5kg) each

3 Year Warranty.
30 Days No Restocking Fee.
Lowest Price Guarantee.
Product Liability Insurance.
Outstanding Service.

ID: Britek#4214A Cross Bar For Background Support 4214A Qty: 1
Our crossbars are not like anything else you see on the market. This non-glare crossbar comes with dual compatible inserting points, allowing you to mount the cross bar on the regular light stands or background support stands. The crossbars come in two pieces and each is telescoping, and the length of it is 12 feet, perfect to fit backdrop almost any size. Other manufacturers may not have the safety caps to prevent the bars from sliding off, but our crossbars are equipped with standard side-safety caps, avoiding possible safety hazards. If you wish to expand your background to the triple background support system, you may consider our 4215 Triple Mount that helps you convert your regular light stands to background support systems with a few steps and you should have the support system ready in just a few minutes.
ID: Linco#3178-3 Carrying Bag for Linco#8310 Qty: 1
Stand Carring Case is made for light Stand only.this carring case is designed for Linco#8310

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