36"Round Foldable Portable Light Reflector, Silver & White


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MFR Code: 7016 JTL
The Foldable Reflectors are perfect for reducing contrast, warming skin tones, eliminating shadows or just softening light. They can be hand held or attached to a light stand with the extendable Reflector Holder. · The 24" size is perfect for head & shoulder shots or where space between subject and reflector is critical. Outdoors, this size is easy to carry and just right for close-ups of flowers. · The 36" size is generally used in 3/4 adult portrait photography, full length child photography or just opening larger shadows. Outdoor portraits of couples under trees could also be complimented from reflectors of this size. · Groups of three or more always run into touble with shadows! The 42" reflectors can be used to throw a lot of fill light to eliminate the shadows. Commercial photographers will welcome this large size when photographing cramped interiors such as cars, planes or any place your second light can't fit!
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